Here I am again
    Lost and found
    Exhausted and wounded
    Take me away from this bloody hell
    I tried and I tried
    I cut my flesh to the bone
    Sometimes I feel lost
    Sometimes I feel wasted
    Sometimes it’s just too much
    Too much pain to bear
    Hush, my child, don’t say a word
    It’s just a ghost inside your head
    Don’t be afraid
    Hush, do not indulge in this hell

    Healer, healer, I am a Wounded Healer
    Nothing can keep me away from this hell
    Keeper, Keeper, I am the Loving Keeper
    Compassion is my only cure

    Will I ever be enough?
    Will I ever be seen?
    My ears are always listening
    My soul is always feeling
    Will I ever be loved?
    My heart is always bleeding
    I learnt how to care
    “She’s full of compassion!”
    I know how to be strong
    “She’s made of steel!”
    I keep the deepest secrets
    “She’s so reliable!”
    I will always stick with you
    “I can’t believe she’s done!”

    Hush, my child, don’t say a word…

    I harden my skin
    Just to protect my Loving Core
    I’d rather die bleeding
    Than turn my eyes away from your suffering
    Finding balance is so hard
    Wandering among leeches and demons
    You have to choose wisely
    You have to learn self care
    Your wisdom is your safety
    No one can do it for you

    Hush, my child, don’t say a word…