You have found a way
    To rearrange your power
    To destroy the Beauty

    You, desperate and hollow
    Addicted to hate
    Slave to the chaos of war
    We are no martyr
    We’ll stand up and rise
    There’s no way you can corrupt our Light

    You are my mirror
    Hatred and pain
    Are food for our desperation

    There’s no praise
    In honesty
    Such a curse
    There’s no land
    I belong to

    I am just a fool
    I am the bitch you hate
    ‘cos I don’t flatter your selfish ego

    I am too proud
    To follow the path of those
    Who betrayed their Truth

    I don’t need a Bible to do good
    I have a sense of Bliss
    Connected to Life itself

    We need to connect each other
    We have to give up the hate
    To overcome the darkness



    Call me




    Call me


    It’s just holding harsh truth
    It’s just embracing our flaws
    That we can survive

    You, enemy mine
    Come to me, teach me
    To become aware of our bond

    It’s just by loving ourselves
    Reclaiming our Power
    To serve Her and protect

    She flows in our veins
    Our blood is the core
    Of our bond with Mother Earth

    Humanist                               There’s no praise
    Call me                                   In honesty
    Idealist                                   Such a curse
    Anarchist                                There’s no land
    Feminist                                 I belong to

    Call me