Welcome and thank you for the time you will dedicate to us and our music.
The encouter between Fabio Rossin, Daniele Giorgini, Fabrizio Signorino and Elena Lippe has given birth to an Artistic Alchemy whose result it’s an exciting, creative flow that we would love to share with you.
Feronia is a project that includes several themes: music (of course), poetry, art, ecology, psychology, self-consciousness, spiritual search, gender studies and a deep ethical and political committment.

We think that Art and Music can be powerful ways to develop awareness and healing. Music is a special way to express intense feelings, involving both the Light and Dark side of the human soul. Music and Poetry are bridges towards people and Life as a whole. We are very committed in merging music and lyrics, as we are persuaded that Beauty and Pleasure are deeply intertwined with the musical bliss.
The deep Love we have for our Beatiful Mother, The Earth, who sustains every living being with Infinite Love and Abundance, is the main inspiration in our lyrics. We think it is our privilege and duty to stand tall and speak up for the sake of Our Mother, we support a Spiritual approach which is inspired to the Ancient Wisdom and to the balance between the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine that has to be lived in our everyday life through our choices: political, spiritual, professional, musical choices, in order to make possible the creation of a society based on Partnership rather than competition and exploitation of every living being to chase a foolish goal to become wealthier and more powerful.

Feronia is an Ancient Italic Goddess, connected to Beauty, Music, Poetry, Healing; her archetype is very close to the celtic Brigid and the indian Sarasvati. We chose Her because of the coherence we want to have in our Lyrics and also to honour our ancient and forgotten Italic heritage, rooted in the cult of Diana. We chose Feronia as a symbol of the spiral of time and life that connect all of us in a Wonderful Web of Life. This represent a committment for us in supporting a life style which is respectful of an ecological attitude towards Life on Earth.